Gilmore Hatch Cock

Holy Feed- Gilmore Hatch

Gilmore Hatch
By Bluff Creek

Lun Gilmore was a cocker and a good friens of ben ford,they fought birds with and agianst each other for over 60 years..lun gilmore accired his birds direct from sanford hatch and mike kearny …when mike crossed the kearny brown reds on the hatch birds they were awsome as any ever bred til this day…sanford wanted to breed em back to the yellow legged side but mike insisted on breedin them one more time to the brown red side and produced them to fight.fight they did and won some derbies against everyone at that time,he wanted to breed a cock of his fathers breeding which was the kerany whitehackle to the sanford ,kerany,kerany breedings- from this breeding he had 17 black birds with white specs in them and over 40 brownred lookin birds,,he then crossed these back on the brown reds-having the kearny white hackle in them and hatch blood they came all dark fowl with green leggs-mike give lun glimore 6 hens and one dark red cock to breed over them=this was the origination of the gilmore hatch fowl -and the ben ford fowl-these birds was given and sold to gilmore from mr hatch and mike kearny…it did kearny mike s fathers blood -mike kearny sr white hackle blood in them and still till this day they will come spangle or dark …!the next breeding that was the brown red and kearny out and out became the 42 hatch that jd perry dominated with-same fowl from same people except did not have the kearny white hackle in them…but mostly yellow leg ,and the black leggs made em all come od green legged…….believe it or not…..i knew collonel givens for over 40 years and he got his from lun gilmore in the early 40s and also got some of mike kearny jrs white hackles that was dark red and spangled…..and fought the kearny white hackle crosses at sunset and all over north alabama…..collenol givens and jimmy east were the handlers for john ovilan fowler from huntsville ala.when john fowler died jimmy kept has hatch birds and collenol givens kept the white hackles… the gilmores are 1/4 kearny whirte hackle-1/4 hatch- 1/2 brown red bred back to the 1/2 hatch 1/2 brown red and kept that way until he passed on- – – – still til this day all gilmores will throw a spangle every other year or so….depends on how there bred and where ya got them- – – so there is your facts- believe it or not- – – but if ya didnt get em from gilmore there yours MR KELSO* MADIGAN*LAW*KEARNY*MORGAN* O ‘CONNOR….there your birds- heres ya sign…….!

before i forget…the mike kearny brown reds and the sanford duryeas crossed were very good fowl and after they bred em back makin the 42s the breeding back to the p combed hatch side was the ones they gave Ted McClain, and Thodore Mc Lean two seperate men…and the ones that were 3/4 hatch-duryeas and 1/4 kearny were the left nose hatch of the late Sweater Mc Guiness….Marvin anderson was in ww! with sanford hatch and become friensds in 1910 were they fought in north alabama in long heel mains which was all new to the short heelers….marvin s father had the Kelcy patts from ireland and sanford hatch fell in love with the long heel roosters….sanford gave birds to marvin untill his death,and marvin gave the patties to sanford upon any request of these men….and they whipped all round head fowl those days. which was dominating the early years….judge lacy was makin a statement at this time and was winning more than average in alabama and at the agusta tounaments…..the Kelcy Pattswere brought from ireland by marvins grandfather well before the civil war……no one knew there originality…. strait combed,lemon hackled,bigg thighs and wide backs and spangles came dark red with lemon around the bottom of the shaw…….the photographs are all black n white…..marvin lost them over the years do to hawks and eagles in the mountain areas of north east alabama….he owned the ranburne pit which was shut down in 73 due to his health………..

Lun Gilmore was the insperation of establishing the hatch name in the south,tTed mclain routed the hatch name when he was dominating with the hatch fowl,sweater came famous in the mid section of the country,jd perry and blondy roland,harold brown ,ben ford,frank steel ,and curtis blacwell made the hatch name in the south east……the fowl that gilmore aquired were theone that won the orlando tiurnament from mr hatch and would have payed any price for those fowl…and was a very sharp eyed man that could recognise an ace cock….that made him a true breeder and respected in the gamecock fraternity…sanford hatch told marvin anderson that lun had the best fowl of the dark breedings anywhere and he would do well with them….at that time lun whipped leiper in a fight that lasted 6 hrs and 10 min…..both men strived on deep game did all long heel men of the south at the turn of the century untill there deaths……
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